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Grow your company with (MaaS) Marketing as a Service:

Marketing as a Service (MaaS), a modern and cost effective alternative to a in-house marketing team.


Grow your company with (MaaS) Marketing as a Service:


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Abubaker Mohammed-Abdu

Introduction to Marketing as a Service

Marketing as a Service (MaaS) is a revolutionary concept reshaping how businesses approach marketing. Leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies, MaaS offers companies flexible, scalable, and data-driven marketing solutions tailored to their specific needs. Intent Media's MaaS offering, powered by our unique Intention Point System (IPS) model, provides a seamless and efficient way for businesses to enhance their marketing strategies.

What is Marketing as a Service (MaaS)?

Marketing as a Service refers to outsourcing marketing functions to a third-party service provider. These providers offer various services, including strategy development, content creation, campaign management, analytics, and more. MaaS enables businesses to access top-tier marketing expertise and technologies without needing in-house teams, making it an attractive option for companies of all sizes.

Why Choose Intent Media's Marketing as a Service?

Choosing Intent Media's MaaS allows businesses to stay competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace. By partnering with Intent Media, companies can quickly adapt to market changes, leverage cutting-edge technologies, and focus on their core operations while ensuring their marketing efforts are in expert hands.

Introducing Intent Media's IPS Model

Intent Media's Intention Point System (IPS) model is a game-changer in the MaaS landscape. The IPS model allows businesses to select a subscription plan comparable to having one or more in-house employees. With three subscription plans—Marketing Assistant, Marketing Specialist, and Marketing Team—clients receive a set amount of points each month. These points can be used to choose the relevant marketing services for their business, offering a predictable and cost-effective solution.

Subscription Plans: Marketing Assistant, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Team

Our subscription plans are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses:

  • Marketing Assistant: Ideal for small businesses looking to establish a marketing presence.
  • Marketing Specialist: Perfect for growing companies needing more specialized marketing strategies.
  • Marketing Team: Best suited for large enterprises requiring comprehensive marketing support.

Each plan provides a specific number of points, allowing businesses to customize their marketing efforts based on their unique needs and goals.

How the Intention Point System (IPS) Works

The IPS model is straightforward and user-friendly. Clients select a plan and receive a set amount of points each month. These points can be used to choose various marketing services, from content creation to campaign management. Additionally, Intent Media offers full marketing workshops to help businesses analyze their needs and maximize their growth potential.

Benefits of Marketing as a Service with Intent Media

Marketing as a Service with Intent Media offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings: Reduces the need for in-house marketing teams and infrastructure.
  • Access to Expertise: Provides access to experienced marketers and advanced technologies.
  • Scalability: Allows businesses to scale their marketing efforts up or down based on their needs.
  • Predictable Pricing: Offers a predictable pricing model with monthly points allocation.

Challenges in Implementing MaaS

While MaaS offers many advantages, it also presents challenges:

  • Integration: Ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and processes.
  • Data Security: Protecting sensitive information and maintaining customer privacy.
  • Communication: Maintaining clear communication between the business and the MaaS provider to align on goals and expectations.

Comparing IPS with Traditional Marketing

When comparing Intent Media's IPS model to traditional marketing, several differences stand out:

  • Flexibility: The IPS model offers more flexibility in campaign adjustments and resource allocation.
  • Technology: Intent Media leverages the latest marketing technologies and tools.
  • Cost Structure: The IPS model can be more cost-effective, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Scalability and Flexibility of MaaS

One of the primary advantages of MaaS is its scalability. Businesses can easily adjust their marketing efforts based on demand, seasonal trends, and market conditions. This flexibility ensures that marketing budgets are used efficiently and effectively.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Personalization is a key aspect of modern marketing. Intent Media uses advanced analytics and segmentation techniques to deliver personalized content and experiences to customers, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Integration with Existing Systems

For MaaS to be effective, it must integrate seamlessly with a business's existing systems, such as CRM and sales platforms. This integration ensures that data flows smoothly between systems, providing a holistic view of marketing performance and customer interactions.

Case Study: MaaS Implementation by Intent Media

Salesedge: Helping a Sales Coach grow with organic content

Salesedge a company struggling with implementing a strong content marketing workflow. By partnering with Intent Media and utilizing our IPS model, they implemented our marketing strategy that included content marketing, and social media. Within five months, their website traffic increased by 54,65% compared to the five previous months, demonstrating the effectiveness of content and also using MaaS.

Read more about the case study here:

Best Practices for Implementing MaaS

To implement MaaS successfully, businesses should follow these best practices:

  • Clear Objectives: Define clear marketing goals and expectations.
  • Collaboration: Maintain open communication with the MaaS provider.
  • Regular Monitoring: Continuously monitor and assess performance metrics.
  • Adaptability: Be prepared to adjust strategies based on performance data and market changes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing as a Service

What is the primary advantage of MaaS?

The primary advantage of MaaS is its flexibility, allowing businesses to scale their marketing efforts based on their needs and market conditions.

How does MaaS differ from traditional marketing?

MaaS differs from traditional marketing by offering more flexibility, access to advanced technologies, and cost-effective solutions without the need for in-house teams.

Can small businesses benefit from MaaS?

Yes, small businesses can benefit significantly from MaaS by accessing top-tier marketing resources and expertise without significant investment.

How do I choose the right MaaS provider?

Choosing the right MaaS provider involves evaluating their expertise, technology stack, pricing models, and customer support. Research and recommendations can help in making an informed decision.


Marketing as a Service is transforming how businesses approach marketing. By offering flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions, Intent Media helps companies achieve their marketing goals and stay competitive. Whether for small businesses, startups, or large enterprises, MaaS presents a valuable opportunity to enhance marketing efforts and drive growth.

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