Our analytics service at Intent Media is designed to provide comprehensive insights into your digital marketing efforts. We analyze 1-3 months of data, focusing on social media and paid campaigns, depending on your specific needs.

About the Service

Our team examines the data to uncover trends, identify areas of improvement, and highlight successful strategies.

After thorough analysis, we create a detailed report that includes key metrics, visual charts, and actionable insights. This report not only outlines what has happened over the analyzed period but also provides clear recommendations on what needs to be done to optimize your marketing strategies moving forward.

This service is integrated into our IPS model (Intention Point System), where you purchase a set amount of points each month for a fixed fee in Swedish SEK. For example, you can buy 10 points for 15,000 SEK. You can allocate these points towards our analytics service, ensuring you have the flexibility to manage your marketing budget efficiently.

By leveraging our analytics service, you gain a deeper understanding of your marketing performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that enhance your brand’s effectiveness and reach.

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