We specialize in creating commercials designed to captivate audiences on paid social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Our service includes the complete process of filming and editing commercials for advertising purposes.

About the Service

Whether your campaign targets a single platform or spans multiple ones, we deliver a series of short videos within one funnel, based on a central commercial concept. This approach allows for diverse ad variations, enhancing the chances of capturing the audience's attention and driving conversions.

We understand that each platform has unique requirements and audiences, so we craft variations of ads to ensure KPI: Key performance indicators such as conversions are met.

Our commercial production service is available within our unique IPS model (Intention Point System). This marketing credit system allows you to purchase a set amount of points each month for a fixed fee in Swedish SEK. For example, you can buy 10 points for 15,000 SEK. Each commercial costs 7 intention points, making it easy to allocate your resources and manage your marketing budget effectively.

With Intent Media, you gain access to top-tier commercial production that not only elevates your brand's presence but also delivers measurable results through strategic social media advertising.

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