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In May 2023, Viva Sales contacted us to manage their marketing activities, which has since become a success. We hold regular meetings and act as an external marketing department, continuously supporting Viva Sales on both a strategic and practical level.


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Viva Sales was lacking expertise in marketing, Viva Sales struggled with unprofessional and unstructured marketing efforts.

We started by addressing the most critical aspects for Viva Sales, namely their website and the colors in their graphic profile. With this completed in early June, Viva Sales was ready to launch their social media channels.

To kick-start the momentum, we began with personalized content, which later evolved into videos that we now plan, film, and edit ourselves for Viva Sales. We hold regular meetings and update each other on the strategy for various social channels.


As we continuously manage and drive many of Viva Sales' marketing activities, we regularly see positive results, such as increased target audience growth on all social channels, more views, and more job applications for Viva Sales.

It's always exciting to be part of the journey with a rapidly growing company like Viva Sales, experiencing both fun and challenging times.

Key Achievements:

  • 49,000% More Views
  • 1,838% More Interactions
  • 702.63% More Followers

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What the client says:

"Before working with Intent Media Group, our marketing was unprofessional and lacked structure. Since the partnership, we've seen massive changes. Intent Media Group ensures everything is top-notch and follows up meticulously to guarantee our satisfaction."

Tobias Sörensen
Founder and CEO at Viva Sales

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