Outsourcing major marketing activites

Dominique, is a highly skilled salescoach, who teaches businesses and consultants to improve their sales process and ultimately drive new revenue.


Helping a sales coach reach new customers through Content Marketing.






Ongoing (IPS)

We at Intent Media have built and maintain Salesedge's current website. We also create and manage all video content for social media.

Dominique Egli particularly appreciates the long-standing collaboration with Abubaker at Intent Media, who has always shown a strong desire to understand Salesedge's business and provide proactive suggestions.

This has led to a strong and impactful brand profile and effective communication that positions Salesedge as experts in their field.


Salesedge can focus on their core competency – sales – while Intent Media handles marketing and digital visibility. Intent Media’s expertise in these areas complements Salesedge’s own skills.

Quote from Dominique Egli:

"We are experts in sales while Intent Media are experts in marketing and digital visibility. It feels great to get help with issues where someone else is the expert. Intent Media has the skills we lack, and they have been proactive in understanding our business and our needs."

Through the partnership with Intent Media, Salesedge has been able to streamline its marketing efforts and strengthen its online presence, which in turn has contributed to increased sales and growth.

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What the client says:

"Abubaker and Intent Media have been working with us for over a year, and we are truly satisfied with how they produce material such as websites and video content. They have an incredible drive, are great at communication and feedback, which we hold to high standards. We will continue working with Abubaker and recommend others looking for an agile and modern digital partner to work with them as well."

Dominique Egli
Founder & CEO at Salesedge

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