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Driving revenue through paid advertising

We revamped Sprøjtemalingafkøkkenlåger's Google Ads campaigns by identifying relevant keywords and optimizing spending. This resulted in a significant decrease in cost per lead, a 292.59% increase in leads, and a 66% increase in average time on website.


Using Data to Improve Sprøjtemalingafkøkkenlåger's Google Ads




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The most crucial aspects for Sprøjtemalingafkøkkenlåger were the website and digital advertising. Knowing this, we took over the advertising that they previously managed themselves on Google’s advertising platform, Google Ads.

We began with an analysis of relevant keywords for the company and identified opportunities to generate new leads. Then, we created campaigns associated with these keywords. We hold regular meetings to review data analyses, evaluate progress, create new ads, and optimize and adjust existing campaigns.

We implemented accurate and verifiable conversion tracking through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. After implementing conversion tracking, we could precisely identify the campaigns, ad groups, and keywords that generated the best conversions/leads.

We then reallocated the budget to these successful campaigns, rather than those that had previously underperformed.


We observed positive results on multiple fronts after adjusting the ads, including:

  • Cost Per Lead: Decreased significantly.
  • Number of Leads: Increased by 292.59%.
  • Average Time on Website: Increased by 66%.

Data analysis is a natural part of our process, which has enabled us to achieve excellent results for Sprøjtemalingafkøkkenlåger in their Google Ads account, as presented above.

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What the client says:

"Intent Media has been an invaluable partner for our company's entry into the Danish market. Their expertise in Google Ads has delivered results that have exceeded our expectations. We especially want to highlight one of the owners, Haydar, who has worked with us for over five years and has truly taken our brands to new heights. We are extremely grateful for their dedication and professionalism. Highly recommended!"

Dzemil Osmani
Founder at Lackeraköksluckor.nu

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